Pelletization Project
Pellet process technology is one of our main technologies; HPWY is capable of undertaking the engineering design, equipment supply, EPS or EPC for large, medium and small-scale pellet plants at home and abroad.
HPWY can provide three kinds of pellet production processes, i.e. strap type roasting furnace, grate-kiln-cooler pelletizing process and shaft furnace pelletizing process. Linear type roasting furnace and grate-kiln-cooler are suitable for large and medium scale pellet plants while shaft furnace is preferable for small sized one. Currently grate-kiln-cooler pelletizing process is mostly used all over the world, this production process has the advantages of large production scale, matured technological process, reliable equipment operation, full utilization of balance heat, efficient energy-saving and high quality of products.
DRI technology is one of HPWY’s core businesses. HPWY can provide completed coal-based high temperature hardening grate-kiln (one step method) DRI technology, which takes a leading position in the world. HPWY can undertake the engineering design and construction work of DRI project with the capacity from 25,000 t/a to 150,000 t/a.
HPWY uses the following advanced technologies in engineering design and construction of pellet projects:
Grate-kiln pellet production line waste heat utilization;
Bulk material and de-dust dense phase pneumatic conveying;
Refractory materials lining technology for pellet production line;
Flexible grate bed – solution for asynchronies of grate bed and chain and decrease the force applied on chain;
Grate reset device - reliable reset and no damage to grate plate;
Grate seal device technique - reduce air leakage of the grate;
Grate spading plate technique - reduce material spillage and prolong the life of spading plate;
Kiln floating packing iron technique - efficiently protect kiln shell and convenient for replacement;
Kiln hydraulic supporting rollers technique - automatically adjust kiln position and prolong life of supporting rollers;
New type fixed kiln screen - improve working environment and prolong service life;
Special Shuttle material distributor - optimizing material distributing flow, decrease the times of green pellet drop and improve distribution effect.
In recent ten more years, the grate-kiln technology has taken the international leading position and has been extensively used in production of pellets of magnetite, hematite, limonite and vanadium-titanium magnetite.
HPWY has undertaken projects as the following annual capacity: 0.1 million tons, 0.2 million tons, 0.3 million tons, 0.4 million tons, 0.5 million tons, 0.6 million tons, 0.8 million tons, 1.2 million tons, 2 million tons and 2.4 million tons.
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