Steel making project
HPWY is engaged in design and technology supply of steel making, continuous casting, refining and relevant metallurgical plants and has possessed abundant technological strength and rich practice experience to undertake the design and EPC of various scale steel works in China and abroad. HPWY has undertaken many new, renovation and expansion steel projects and accumulated rich experience in design of liquid iron pretreatment, active lime kiln, steel making, secondary refining, slab continuous casting machine and billet continuous casting machine.
HPWY has established good relations with international famous companies including SMS-DEMAG, DANIELI, TECHINT, VAI and LURGI; and also has close cooperation with more than 10 large-scale design institutes and scientific research institutes in China. HPWY is active to source the frontier development of new technology, new process and new equipment in steel making industry both in China and abroad, continuously make technological innovations, fully tap the advantages to integrate industry and trade, achieving experience and progress in actual production and construction by summary and absorb of experience and technical results. The following technologies have been successfully applied in engineering projects:
Optimized technology of casting machine for slab, square billet, rectangular billet;
Board and flexible connection of converter
Furnace protection technology against slag splashing
Dry sealing technology of converter chimney skirt
De-sulphur of Mg based hot metal
Online hot metal continuous de-sulphur
VD vacuum refining technology (steam by converter)
LF, RH vacuum treatment
Active lime annular shaft kiln
The business ranges over design and construction contract including liquid iron pretreatment, BOF steel, EAF steel, LF refining and continuous casting steel; design and supply of mechanical equipment for steel making including BOF, EAF, LF refining and continuous casting machine.
HPWY has completed in recent years steel making and continuous casting projects including 15 tons -150 tons converters and 5 tons - 80 tons electric furnaces and achieved the design and EPC of many steel making projects.
100T BOF             
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